Thursday, March 16, 2006

Crappy Americans

This is where the World Baseball Classic was bound to get annoying. Team USA loses, and we shall now be subject to the inevitable barrage of articles proclaiming the strides other countries have made in the sport that enabled them to knock off the big bad Americans. Please. Baseball is not a sport designed for one and done games, three game pools, or even a seven game series. To reinforce my point, I shall now assault you with several very overused baseball related cliches. Let us begin: Baseball is a funny game. Baseball is a game of inches. A baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint. The worst team can beat the best team on any given night.

Don't get me wrong, this is still embarassing. And this only strengthens my belief that the United States should just stop participating in international competitions in team sports. Why should we? We don't seem to care as a country. Did you hear all the bells and drums and whistles at the games in Puerto Rico? Or by the Mexican fans tonight? I've got Jae Ahn IMing me every three minutes to tell me some guy on the Korean team just blew his nose. All these people really cared about this for national pride. Americans don't seem to. So let's leave this stuff to the countries that are getting worked up about it.

I don't really mean that. It's a defense mechanism. I painted my body red, white, and blue and ran around Philadelphia naked all week to support Team USA in this thing. Now I'm just a little hurt, that's all, and this is how I react. I'll be ok. I'll be ok.

In other news, today was the launch of the Mets' new network, Sportsnet New York, cleverly known as SNY for short. Something that's bothered me that I should have mentioned earlier. The Mets defected from Fox Sports Net New York to start their own network. They're touting it as this big new thing and a big revolution on the NY sports scene. So don't you think they might have chosen a name that would differentiate themselves just a bit from the old network? The Founding Fathers didn't decide to call our country Ingland.

Anyway, hopefully SNY and Cabelvision will work out an agreement soon and it will be available to the whole NY area by opening day. I watched the initial game broadcast via tonight, with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez. So strange to hear Gary Cohen on a tv broadcast. Seemed very out of place. But loving that Keith Hernandez is on board for all the games now, instead of the limited sampling of the past few years. And the best part? Fran Healy is nowhere to be seen or heard. Life is good.


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