Sunday, March 05, 2006

Get me where it's warm

Flying to Florida tomorrow morning. Oh hell yeah. As I said, I'll try to post each day, internet access permitting. See what I've done there? Now, if I get lazy for four days, I can just claim that I had no internet, and you can't be mad at me. I'm a genius.

Sad news today in baseball; Kirby Puckett had a stroke. Nothing to say about this except he's a 44 year old father and you have to hope for his speedy recovery. Kirby hasn't been a saint in his life, but he's endured more than his fair share of health problems. I always wonder just what he could have done if he didn't have to retire so young, but that's secondary right now. I hope he gets better.

In less serious news that I'm going to take far too seriously, Pedro is already issuing the warnings that he may not be ready for opening day. This is no good. See, I would prefer that he be ready for opening day. Perhaps we can pass that along to him? Damn toe. It's a toe! How does it cause so much trouble? Yeah, this is no good.

The Marlins terminated Pokey Reese's contract today after his unexplained flight from camp. It's bad enough I'm not gonna see Beltran and Delgado on Tuesday in Port St. Lucie, now I'm not gonna see Pokey Reese in Jupiter on Wednesday? Well I just may not go at all then. After announcing they had terminated the contract Larry Beinfest and Joe Girardi expressed disappointment both at how Reese behaved and at how it impacts the roster. I don't see how there's any reason for disappointment on the latter. "Well we expect to lose somewhere in the range of 105 games this year, and with Pokey being as horrible a baseball player as he's proven to be, we really liked how he fit in to our whole plan for terrible baseball." Dontrelle Willis could leave that team tomorrow and it ain't getting any worse, so who cares about Pokey Ordonez?

Oh, by the way - what I invariably do is say: "Hey, Jack McKay...Wait, why did I do that, why didn't I first say, 'hey, Mr. Hogan?' That made no sense. I'm well aware of the Hogan Family, I've watched it many times. So why would I first identify an actor by a small role he had as opposed to a lead role in a long running sitcom? Let's do that again...'Hey, Mr. Hogan!'...No, now it's too late. Whole damn thing is ruined. Why didn't I just say Mr. Hogan first??? Why, why, why? Well, there's no way I can go on. Gotta kill myself now. Nah, too chicken for that. I'll just take a nap and hope I've forgotten all about this when I wake up." Usually goes something like that.


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