Friday, March 03, 2006

Fun in DC

Jose Guillen may miss the first few months of the season with a wrist injury. You'd think this would be enough bad news for one day for the Nationals, but Alfonso Soriano would have none of that. Continuing his "I'm a selfish asshole" stance, he said that the Nats "have three weeks" while he's at the WBC to "fix" the problem of him slotted in as the LF. Frankly, I think the Nationals were sort of idiots about this. His aversion to switching away from 2B has been well documented over the past few years. Did they think about this before trading for him? What were they relying on to make them think they could switch him over to 2b without a problem? They thought maybe he was kidding? It's like when George Costanza wasn't sure if he was offered a job and just showed up to the office and hoping for the best. It's probably not really like that, but whatever. And considering the stink Soriano's made, have they at least considered making Jose Vidro move? I'm sorry, Jose Vidro is just not the type of player you make an immovable roadblock. Still, Soriano's been acting like a jackass, and I think we could all do without his terrorist threats. Idiot.


Blogger adam20ss said...

Two second basemen on the same team with room enough for one? Can the Mets fit into the picture here?

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