Thursday, March 02, 2006

WBC Kickoff

Pedro opted out of the WBC today. This is good for two reasons. One, I hope he'll be around Port St. Lucie when I'm there next week. Two, he'll rehab his toe at his own pace without pushing it in a game situation for the DR, and won't be there to risk other injuries as well. It's bad for one reason. His toe is still injured, not that it's a surprise. So while I'm glad in a sense he's skipping the WBC, I'd rather have a healthy Pedro and sacrifice him for a few days to the Dominican national team.

Kudos to Korea for their 2-0 win over Chinese Tapei in the WBC's first game. Jae Seo, Byung-Hyun Kim, Dae Sung Koo, and Chan Ho Park combined on the shutout. I'm going to write that sentence again: Jae Seo, BYUNG-HYUN KIM, DAE SUNG KOO, and CHAN HO PARK combined on the shutout. Put those guys in a row in a major league game, the only way there's a zero in the opposing team's run column is if there's a "1" preceeding it. Man, that must be some dream team Chinese Tapei is running out there


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