Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Barry Bonds wore what???

"Reports are that Barry Bonds arrived at Giants camp today in a dark green polo shirt. More on this riveting story as it unfolds in this wildly interesting saga."
-Sunday's Blog

So I'm guessing Barry Bonds saw that, and said, "If that idiot wants to make sarcastic wisecracks, I'll give him something actually worth talking about. That'll show 'em." Why else would he have dressed up like Paula Abdul in a parody of American Idol at Giants camp? For those who haven't yet heard the story, neither you nor I is on an acid trip - the Giants did an American Idol type thing for charity, with Jeff Fassero as Simon, Ray Durham as Randy Jackson, and Bonds in drag as Paula Abdul. Sounds like fun. Damn that Bonds - acting all surly and annoying last week and then going out and having a sense of humor. How dare he be a complex, multi-dimensional human being who can't be pigeonholed conviently and labeled simply as a "jerk," as could a fictional character. Some nerve.

Hot stove season may be over, but second guessing general managers is acceptable all year long! So with that, how about the two insane contract extensions handed out today? While we're on the Giants, let's do them first. Randy Winn gets 3 years, $23.25 mil from SF. Somebody tell Brian Sabean that while Randy Winn is 31 and therefore younger than everybody on that team except the batboy, he's not exactly a youngster by normal baseball team standards. He's also not that good a player. I'm not saying he isn't good, I think most baseball fans like what Winn brings to a team. But he's not $8 mil a year good, I don't care what he hit for the Giants in the two months since being traded from the M's. And you need to factor in the annual decline from being on the wrong side of 30. Jesus the Giants are so old. I feel like one day John McGraw is gonna come back from the dead to manage that team and nothing will seem out of place.

The Pirates gave Jack Wilson a 3 year, $20 mil extension. Yeah, the same Jack Wilson who doesn't get on base, has no power, just adequate speed, and defense that's good but not spectacular. By contrast, Jason Bay got a 4 year, $18 mil extension a few months ago. That was smart. This wasn't. Just insert here the standard rant about small market teams making their situations worse by not having a clue, that will save us all a lot of time.


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