Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring training part two

Ok, we're getting back on track now.

Have you ever been in prison? From what I gather, it's pretty bad. However, I'd venture to say that it's nicer than Fort Lauderdale Stadium, spring home of the Baltimore Orioles. What a dump. I didn't realize how nice Tradition Field was field was until I had something to compare it to.

I don't have all that much to say. Didn't get autographs. The Twins wear nameless jerseys for spring training. Considering that all their facially recognizable players are in the WBC, that made it kind of tough to get excited. It was pretty much, "that guy's number is below 60, so I presume he's a major leaguer whose name I'd know." I did recognize Ruben Sierra though.

The cool thing about spring training is you see these guys up close, free from the glitz of a major league park and a regular season game. And they're just regular guys playing baseball. It's like stopping in Central Park to watch a company after work league game ore something, but the players are insanely good. They throw the ball 200 feet without breaking a sweat, they hit it to the warning track with no problem, they run fast, etc. And you see Ron Gardenhire come out and watch his players during fielding practice and joke around, it makes it all much more human. It's interesting.

My one scouting nugget - Chris Ray pitched an inning for Baltimore and I thought he looked pretty good. But like I said after St. Lucie, it's still pretty early.

Ok then, that's my report for now.


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