Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Report from Florida

I write to you from the lobby of a hotel in South Beach. Any typos throughout this entry will be the result of trying to type as I leer at the girls passing through the lobby in their halter tops. You know, Miami is warmer than New York. I like that very much. I may just move to Miami.

Sorry for the two day hiatus; I haven't had the access I hoped to have. You've all been very devoted readers and I didn't want to let you down. So thank you, both of you, for understanding.

Went to Port St. Lucie on Monday to see the Mets and the Astros. Let me tell you something about Port St. Lucie. It is a very boring place. They have a Friendly's there, at which I purchased a soft serve cone. I think I noticed a couple of gas stations as well. I think that's about it. No wonder the players hate training there. Anyway, we got there about an hour before game time, in time for Astros batting practice. For those who haven't been to a spring training game, there's nothing unusual that happens - it's the normal pre-game routine. It's the better access to players in the way of autographs, etc that's the real draw. And don't think I didn't take advantage. That's right, I now have a hat autographed by Juan Padilla, Todd Self, Joe Hietpas, AND Mets coach Sandy Alomar. An all star lineup if ever there was one.

Hang on a sec, leering again.....

Ok, back, sorry about that. So I didn't quite get the autograph bonanza I'd have hoped for, but what can you do. As for the game itself, we were in the "upper deck," which is the equivalent of the upper half of field level in a major league park. Not bad. The tradeoff, though, is you're surrounded by people who easily remember the Hoover administration, and every time you're inclined to get excited you remember that the game doesn't count for anything. I was hoping to come back with some scouting reports, but I can't say I have much. Two things though. Kaz Matsui looked good, making solid contact each at bat and not screwing anything up in the field. My prediction: Matsui will still suck in '06, because he does. Also, Lastings Milledge seems a little too eager to swing for the fences. He took some cuts that make Jeromy Burnitz look like Tony Gwynn. Trachsel started. He looked fine, but you can't put too much stock in the pitchers at this point in the spring.

We decided not to go to Jupiter today but we plan to see the Orioles in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow. Stay tuned tomorrow for all the juicy tidbits from O's camp.

And can we just agree that the US will stop fielding teams for team sports in international competition? Sucking in Athens in '04 in baseball and basketball, poor showing in hockey a few weeks ago, and now a loss to Canada? I, as an American, am very depressed at this result, as I cared deeply about the World Baseball Classic as a means of validating my patriotism.

Alrighy then, back to the leering.


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i am trying to figure out the difference between halter tops and tank tops and tube tops. On a somewhat unrelated note, i am excited for purim.
the word of the day is

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That's a very good question, there should be someone woring on that answer

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