Thursday, March 23, 2006


The Cardinals are going with Sidney Ponson as their fifth starter, sending Anthony Reyes to the minors and Adam Wainright to the bullpen. Now, the Cardinals are contending, so I can understand the general choice of the veteran over the prospect. But have you seen Sidney Ponson? My gosh. I don't care how impressive his spring has been. He can't possibly be good. Why? Because he's Sidney Ponson, that's why. This guy has been awful. And let's not forget his off the field problems with the law - literally and figuratively. It reminds me of the classic Simpsons dialogue with Lionel Hutz: "Oh no, we've drawn Judge Snyder. He's had it in for me ever since I accidentally ran over his dog." "Really?" "Well, replace 'acidentally' with 'repeatedly' and the word 'dog' with 'son.'"

Ah, Lionel Hutz. I really miss Phil Hartman.

Anyway, Sidney Ponson, not good. And I still don't understand the whole "I'm from Aruba but I'm white" thing.

Also about the Cardinals, I noticed today as I was flipping through a very comprehensive roto mag and found that Rick Ankiel hit 20 homers and 75 rbi in under 400 minor league ABs last year. He's been around forever but he's still only 26, and it doesn't seem impossible that he could still have a respectable career as an OF.

Evidently Juan Gonzalez hasn't reported to Red Sox camp and his agent Alan Nero can't get in touch with him. Sounds like a strange situation is going on there. I'm sure the Red Sox aren't devastated, but you have to wonder why a guy would just go AWOL like that.

Alfonso Soriano made a couple of errors in LF field today. Yes! I've already been vindicated in my criticism of the Nationals! Eat it, Jim Bowden!!

The best news of today is that the Mets' new network SNY and Cablevision reached an agreeement for the network to be carried on Cablevision. As somebody who lives in Cablevision teritorry, I'm relieved. Although that network has absolutely ntohing worth watching besides Mets games. They have hours of paid programming blocked on the schedule. Have to start producing some Metsographies. ("today on Metsography...Choo Choo Coleman") Ideally they really should get another team's games on SNY. Anybody know when the YU Macs' broadcast deal with Adam Cohen's computer expires?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes you certain Mets games will be worth watching?

2:03 PM  
Blogger adam20ss said...

If I wasn't so busy working on the YU Sarachek Tournament, I would have seen this joke earlier. Speaking of which... why is Thursday's post still the latest? It's Sunday!

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way Adam in case you were wondering no IP class on monday

10:52 AM  
Blogger adam20ss said...

Sweet! Free period!

1:47 AM  

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