Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Left it is

Today I was playing MLB '06 and fell behind 6-0 in the third. I got very frustrated at that point and decided to throw the game. But when I throw a game, I really throw a game. None of that Black Sox let's try to be subtle stuff. No, I proceeded to hit batters until I got every single pitcher ejected from the game. In total I hit each opposing batter 7 times, in addition to issuing 10 intentional walks and giving up a grand slam. Final score? Twins 108, Indians 0, called after 7 1/2 innings when I had enough. Good times.

I've also discovered that I like to devote a lot of time to rotisserie baseball. This hit me at around 3:30 this morning when I was still up deliberating over how to allocate my dollars in my auction league. "Now, what if I projected spending $53 on a top pitcher, then I would have to take $2 away from my fourth OF what if I planned to spend $3 less on my second reliever..." It's good to be in law school.

So Soriano decided that $10 mil is a lot of money to give up and played left field for the Nationals today. Not a big shock. Now that Soriano is off the jerk train we can shift the focus to how the Nationals botched this, because this hasn't had a happy ending yet necessarily. I'm not talking about Soriano's relationship with his teammates, Frank Robinson, Jim Bowden, and the fans. That should be fine if he keeps going out there and plays. I'm talking about having a guy switch positions a week and a half before opening day. Players have a hard time switching from 2nd to SS, or RF to LF, and those are far more comparable positions. Second and left are completely different. How is Soriano at getting a read on fly balls? What's his range out there? What are his instincts going to be? Granted, he wasn't a good second baseman, but who's to say that he isn't going to be as bad or worse a left fielder? This will be worth monitoring for a while.

I just read that Pedro doesn't see any way he'll be ready to pitch on opening day. Fantastic. And let's not forget that Billy Wagner had to shut it down for a few days with a finger problem and Carlos Delgado hasn't seen much action. If I were to beat myself over the head with a frying pan, how long would it take before I pass out? Let's find out...


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