Tuesday, March 21, 2006

2B or not 2B?

Now that is a kickass title.

Sounds like Soriano is trying to do damage control. He's now claiming that he didn't know he was in Monday's lineup, which might be possible because it seems that there was a version of the lineup card circulating that didn't have Soriano on it. He's also apologized for not talking to the media yesterday, and has said he's going to make his decision tonight about what to do tomorrow.

Steve Phillips gives his view in an ESPN article, which is basically that he thinks the Nats should use the dq list if it comes to it on Thursday, but that they should first try to trade him and spin it as a good baseball deal until people believe it. Interesting insight into the mind of a former GM. Phillips also advised Jim Bowden to commit lots and lots of adultery in the process.

As I said, I think Soriano is going to give in. If you were due $10 mil that would be forfeited if you didn't follow your employer's instructions, you'd probably listen to them. "What's my position? Toilet licker? Yes sir, boss!" Also, you'd think that Soriano is starting to balance the gain in value of his next contract by insisting that he play 2B versus the loss in value by teams thinking he's a pain in the ass. Up to a point, there will also be some team that will overlook all that if they're desperate enough. But there is a limit, and Soriano may be in for a lot less money than he'd have expected, second base or otherwise, if teams think he's too hard to deal with.

Then again, it didn't take too long for T.O to find work, so I'm probably wrong.

Compare this story, that I think is genuinely interesting and noteworthy, to the constant Barry Bonds updates. For example, ESPN finds it important to report today that he'll miss one exhibition game because he went to California on the day off and can't come back in time. Information like that should not make it past a blurb in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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"Now that is a kickass title"

It's also a thought that might go through ones head when playing battleship.

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