Monday, March 20, 2006

Cincinnati Bowtie

So Japan is officially the best baseball playing country on the planet, one game being sufficient to make such declarations. I didn't watch the game tonight so I have no comment about it specifically. In general, it seems that the WBC was at least a modest success, if not more, so I'm happy about that. I hope next time around they hold it in November though.

Alfonso Soriano refused to take the field today after being pencilled in to start in LF. Jim Bowden is talking tough and said that if Soriano does it two more times he's going to ask the commisioner's office to place him on the disqualified list. That would suspend his pay and his service time, meaning that he wouldn't be due for free agency until he returns and plays a full year. This could get very interesting. My guess is Soriano will pull this again for another game and is going to blink the following day when he realizes that the Nationals are serious (at least they should be). As I said before, the Nationals were dumb for trading for him and thinking his aversion to the OF would just disappear, and Soriano, for his part, is acting like a jerk.

The Sox made a trade of note today, sending Joe Borchard to the Marlins. Ha ha, got ya! You expected me to talk about the RED Sox genuinely noteworthy trade of Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena. But instead I brought up the WHITE Sox insignificant trade. Zinger!!! Remember when Borchard was a decent prospect? Long time ago now.

Ok, Arroyo for Pena. I don't get the Reds. Wily Mo is still very young with plenty of upside, why deal him yet? The plan was to start Pena, Griffey, and Kearns in the OF with Dunn at 1B. But the Reds did this to clear the way for Dunn to move back to the OF with Scott Hatteberg playing 1B. Go check out Hatteberg yourself and tell me if you think this is a wise move. This is the same team that refuses to give Ryan Freel a clear starting job so that Tony Womack or Rich Aurilia can play 2nd, which is bad for the Reds as well as bad for my roto team. Arroyo isn't a bad pithcer, but he isn't that good, and I don't think he's worth the loss of Pena, certainly not because Scott Hatteberg needs to start. Once again, these small market teams baffle me.

Boston could afford to trade Arroyo given their surplus of pitching. This is a good move for them, although it's not great news if you've already drafted Pena in a league expecting him to start, as now he'll platoon with Trot Nixon. Oh yeah, Arroyo took a below market contract just a few months to stay with Boston. So they're sort of a bunch of douchebags. But when your "below market" sacrifice means $4 mil a year, I'm not gonna shed too many tears for you. Although nobody should be forced to live in Cincinnati, so maybe I should.


Anonymous Ander said...

Dallas Cowboys want to sign Alfonso Soriano

8:47 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

I'll ask this again: The Nationals have two second-basemen, and the Mets have none. Why can't a deal be made?

11:01 AM  
Blogger Avo said...

The "disqualified list" sounds a lot like something I spent a lot of time on in 4th grade

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Jesse said...

Mariners. Joe Borchard got traded to the Mariners, not the Marlins. Besides, dont you know that nobody you've ever heard of gets traded TO the marlins?

4:47 PM  

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