Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Roto recap #2

Have any of you ever been the commish of a yahoo league? If you have then you're aware of the horrible tedium that is inputting the draft results for the league. You have to select each name from a list, and can't even search by last name to get to the name quickly. Just have to scroll down. A pleasure. And you can't even go in alphabetical order to be more efficient - each time you click a name the list pops back up to the top. Ok, for two points, who's at the top? David Aardsma. Cheater, with his two As just to be first in an alphabetical listing of major leaguers. Sneaky bastard. Oh, and the best part is a letter with an accent mark on it, such as the i in Rodriguez, is considered to come after z in the alphabet. Helpful. I know this now. But the first year I did it I spent hours wondering where the hell Danys Baez could have disappeared to.

In sum, yahoo should be ashamed of themselves, charging us absolutely nothing and then making it less than perfectly convenient for me to input my rosters.

As promised, a full recap of each and every pick from last night's law school league draft. Dare me to do it? It'll be like Andy Kaufman reading the entire Great Gatsby on stage. Anyway, I won't bore you with too much; I maintain that it's never interesting when somebody says, "hey, want to hear my roto team?" They ask because they want you to say, "hey, great job, nice players there." It's stupid. Every team assembles some marquis names that will elicit the "hey, he's good." Out of the context of who else you could have had though, I think it's pointless to try to evaluate how well somebody did at his draft.

In general, I'm happy with the results and feel like I put together a well balanced team. I don't think that means anything, but it's good for my sanity over the next week. A couple of interesting things from the draft. Matt Holliday went in the third round, before the following players: Carlos Delgado, Richie Sexson, Vernon Wells, Eric Chavez, Hideki Matsui, Todd Helton, and Troy Glaus. I know we're all supposed to love the Coors Field effect, but did the city of Denver get raised another mile above sea level during the winter? Francisco Liriano and Justin Verlander went in the 15th and 20th rounds respectively to the same guy. We're all very excited about these two, but I think that's pretty high for 22 year old pitchers. This is a keeper league, but a player can only be kept for two years following his intial year of being drafted. That means if a player doesn't produce in year one you've already given up on a third of his value, which then means you shouldn't be so trigger happy on a rookie. Remember Jeremy Bonderman last year? Everybody was predicting his big breakout, and in the end, he wasn't bad, but he wasn't all that helpful. And he had already put together two years under his belt. So how good will Verlander be in 2006 for a roto team?

Ok, have no fear - this will not become a roto only blog. But if you're one of those anti-roto guys, you'll probably be a little annoyed at times over the course of the season. Oh, and you're also a lunatic.

Barry Bonds said this today: "My life is in shambles. It is crazy. It couldn't get any crazier. I'm just trying to stay sane." Jesus, shut up, shut up, shut up. Just go out there and play ball and stop auditioning for the part of Job in the new play, "Everybody Is Out To Get Me." There, I feel better.


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