Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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November 2000: "Juan Gonzalez has rejected the Tigers' offer of $140 million over 8 years. Gonzalez believes he can get a better deal by testing the waters of free agency.

February 2006: "Juan Gonzalez, who is attracting almost no interest on the free agent market, might play independent ball as a showcase for his skills if he's unable to find a job in spring training, agent Alan Nero told Insider Jerry Crasnick."


Evidently the Cubs are pleased with the progress of Mike Prior and Kerry Wood and hope that Prior will ready to go in March and Wood in April. Are we done with Kerry Wood yet? I've been asked if I'm going to reveal my true feelings about players from a roto standpoint in this blog. And I will, here's the truth: one day about two years ago, I was going about my business, when it suddenly hit me - "wait a sec, Kerry Wood isn't nearly as useful to my team as I think he is." Kerry Wood is an acceptable real life pitcher and a lousy fantasy one. In real life, he's never healthy. In roto, he has an uncanny ability to never win games, his ERA isn't all that much better than the roto average (if better at all), and if he's injured, he can't get you Ks. But he's still perceived as a top flight pitcher, which drives up his price. I'd have no problem with Kerry Wood on my team for a buck or a 25th round pick - he's not really doing damage per se the way Darren Oliver or Jose Lima would. But if you run him out there all year with the delusion that you've got an ace helping your team, you'll be unpleasantly surprised.

By the way, Willie Randolph - did you notice who I used as the examples of bad pitchers? Yeah. Please don't bring these guys north, whatever you do.

And anybody else keep hearing about this girl Sasha Cohen in figure skating and wonder when Ali G got into the Olympics?


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