Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Careful with that bat son

Going to the Mets-Phillies game tonight at Citizens Bank. After deliberation we've decided to go with the Mets jerseys. I'm just not as afraid of Philadelphians and Phillie fans as I would be as Eagles fans. Prove me wrong kids. Prove me wrong.

By the way, in case I've miscalculated, I'm a size 9 body bag.

The IL suspended Delmon Young for 50 games for his bat javelin throw routine. Seems fair. He really threw that thing. The suspension wasn't longer because Randy Mobley, pres of the IL, said he couldn't detrmine if Young threw the bat at the ump on purpose. Doesn't look to me based on the path of the bat that Young was just tossing it and it happened to hit the ump. But whatever. That video is inconclusive, and without absolute proof that Young definitely tried to hit the ump, a year would be draconian. Maybe Young can spend these next 50 games off learning to pitch, since that's really what would help the Rays.

Jim Delsing died today. You mean you don't know who Jim Delsing is? Why, he's the man who pinch ran for Eddie Gaedel. That's right. A man died and the reason anybody has noted it is because he went to stand on first base in place of a midget who had one at bat in the major leagues as a part of a publicity stunt. I don't know - somehow I feel like I'd rather have my death go unnoticed than have everybody reminded that this was my greatest life achievement. It's just embarassing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I admire you going in there with Mets jerseys. If you really want to piss off the Philly fans (and get killed), get a TO Dallas jersey

9:02 AM  

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