Monday, May 01, 2006

I want a personal catcher too

Gotta love the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

The Red Sox reacquired Doug Mirabelli today from the Padres to return as Tim Wakefield's catcher. Wakefield hasn't been doing too badly without him, but I guess Wakefield preferred that he be brought back. The ESPN story on it has the following to say: "The Yankees also tried to obtain Mirabelli to keep him from returning to the Red Sox, [Buster] Olney reported." Read that again. The Yankees are that insane about letting the Red Sox do anything that met net them a single win they were actually going to create a bidding war to end up with a 35 year old catcher who can't hit and whose primary value is to catch some knuckleballer every 5th day. That's just fanatacism right there. One day we'll see a story that begins, "The Yankees, in an effort to stay ahead of the Red Sox, have purchased all the children in the Jimmy Fund and will withhold their treatments until they become Yankees fans." Sick fucks, the whole bunch of them.

And what the hell is up with this personal catcher stuff? This isn't the first time this has happened. After he was traded from St. Louis, Steve Carlton insisted that the Phillies trade for Tim McCarver too. Do you think that it's just a baseball thing or it extends beyond that? Think Greg Maddux used to tell Eddie Perez to shine his shoes and buy his groceries? And isn't this whole personal catcher thing a little too Ace and Gary? I mean, you'd think guys whose relationship with another man involves terms like pitching and catching, and calling balls, and having private chats together on the mound would be a little more mindful about raising suspicions.


Anonymous JP said...

Maddux and Perez weren't inseparable; it was more a point that Maddux didn't trust Lopez to catch him.

Hell, even Cy Young had a personal catcher, Lou Criger, so it's not a new concept, just a stupid one.

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