Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mike Maroth, or Christy Matthewson? I ask you!

Mike Maroth and Wandy Rodriguez are now 3-0, with Maroth possessing an ERA lower than Anderson Hernandez' batting average. When does a string of a couple of good games become a legitimately good season in the making? May 23rd. There, I dispatched with that rhetorical question quite nicely.

Seriously though, Maroth has nowhere to go but down, considering that most pitchers finish their seasons with ERAs a tad over 1. This is why I opted not to be that guy who rushed to add him to my fantasy teams, and I'm standing by it. As I said last week, I think Maroth could be in for a nice year, but I don't think this start is the signal of a huge breakout campaign for him. And Wandy Rodriguez has been awful in his career to this point, so how good will he stay all year? Truth is, I haven't seen a single pitch either of these two have thrown all year, and not all that many pitches either has thrown in their repsective careers, so I'm in no position to point to specific changes that could be causing their early success.

You know, Dave Magadan is still very attractive. Sorry, he just came on for an interview during the Mets-Padres pre-game show I've got on the TV here. Very attractive.

Barry Bonds hit his first homer today. Good. There was a huge void in my life with Bonds at no home runs, and I'm so glad it's been filled. How thrilling his every move is! Anybody commenting that Manny finally hit his first (and second) yesterday?


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