Sunday, April 23, 2006

Late night wrapup

Doing my late night stroll through the boxscores, and I noticed that Matt Holliday is already up to 22 RBI. When did this happen? I don't mean it in the "who is Matt Holliday" kind of way - he was a prime candidate to break out. I mean it more literally: I haven't noticed more than one Rockies game in which Holliday has driven in a run, and now I see he's among the league leaders. Is this some sort of hoax? It is, isn't it? You bastards.

I notice that Jim Leyland called upon Fernando Rodney to get the save today even though Todd Jones returned and got the save Friday night. Trying to ease Jones back slowly or the makings of a closer by committee approach here? Not having read anything that sheds light on this, my guess is it's the former. They're not spending so much of Mike Illitch's money to have Todd Jones serve as a set up guy, regardless of what makes the most baseball sense (what made the most baseball sense was not to sign Jones anyway, so whatever.)

Nomaaaaaah played in his first game for the Dodgers tonight and went 2 for 4. Over/under on his next trip to the DL: July 25th. Feel free to place your bets.


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