Monday, April 24, 2006

The Reds listened to me

I'm going to be quick before Keith Hernandez sees me and declares that my place is in front of the TV, not at the computer blogging.

Anybody watching the Cubs-Marlins game? Carlos Zambrano struck out a few minutes ago and promptly snapped the bat over his knee, Bo Jackson style. That's what you want to see, your ace pitcher performing pointless feats of strength that could imperil any number of body parts. Zambrano isn't a bad hitting pitcher, but it's not like he's expected to be a major cog in the Cubs' offense, so perhaps the George The Animal Steele routine was a bit over the top.

Hey, you know, I've noticed something. The Mets seem to have the wrong Zambrano, since Carlos' worst outings are usually better than Victor's best. The Mets need to address this by swapping Zambranos with the Cubs. (Hey other EB - think Carlos refers to Victor as "Much Worse Zambrano?")

So Wayne Krivsky obviously reads this blog as the Reds finally took a step in the right direction, designating Tony Womack for assignment today. The move came after Cincy acquired Cody Ross from LA. I commend the Reds for taking a little bit of the clutter out of their 2B situation. But if Jerry Narron gets the bright idea to start working Ross into the platoon situation, I will promptly leave my house, get in a cab, go to the airport, fly to Cincinnati, and murder all of them myself. I'm watching you, Cincinnati Reds organization. So beware.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only spot Aurilia hasn't filled this season is Marge Schott's G-.

11:42 PM  
Blogger adam20ss said...

when did "G-spot" become a dirty word that people didn't want to type online?

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


George "The Animal" Steele is Jewish!

11:45 AM  

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