Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I should go to sleep instead of blogging

I've been deliberating about whether to keep Craig Monroe or Dan Johnson in one of my roto leagues. I've spent about 3 hours today thinking about this. 3 hours spent thinking about that might be reasonable in total. But I can assure you, today wasn't my allotted day for thought about keepers in an otherwise productive winter. No, I started thinking about my keepers in, oh, what's that month that happened far too long ago to have been thinking about roto keepers? Ah, that's it, October. Yeah, I've been thinking about my roto keepers since October. And I will give it much more thought in the three weeks up to the league's keeper deadline. So the 3 hours I spent today are part of a very disturbing lifestyle. Somebody, please help me.

That's a fake cry for help, by the way. If anybody throws out my roto mag or cancels my insider subscription so I can't read Karabell and Cockcroft every day - I'll kill you. Not in the hyperbole kind of way. I'll kill you.

Have we talked about how ridiculous a name "Tristan Cockcroft" is? There's not much to say really. But that's just a terrible name. At least he gets to write about fantasy baseball for a living; that's a good consolation prize. Hell, you could call me Fuckwad McDicklick if you let me write about fantasy baseball for a living.

There isn't much to write about right now. Baseball is filled with the obligatory start of spring training stories about who's ready to make an impression on the skipper. Yes, I know that I expressed excitement just a week ago about news out of spring training. But this isn't really news yet. These aren't genuine progress reports on players and position battles. This is stuff like the front page of Rockies.com, "Torrealba excited for new opportunity." Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Tino Martinez has accepted a job to work on Baseball Tonight. The other day while looking at the still available free agents list, I asked myself, "Is Tino gonna sign with anybody?" Tonight after reading about his new job, myself answered, "Yes, he is. He's going to sign with ESPN." Man, I hate that myself guy - such a wiseass. But I learned my lesson. In the future I will ask myself, "Will player x sign with any BASEBALL TEAM in the capacity of BASEBALL PLAYER." That should clear up any confusion.

For those who don't check the free agent list every day, there are still some players out there who you'd think should have signed by now. Richard Hidalgo is still unsigned. Darren Dreifort is still unsigned. Jamey Wright is out there. Brian Meadows is available, as are Gary Glover and Chad Fox. Not exactly your marquee names. They might even do more harm than good for a team depending on where they're at now, but you'd think that these guys would at least be in camp with somebody. You also have Juan Gonzalez, who hasn't announced a retirement and you'd think would still be looking to play, and Kevin Brown, who hasn't announced a retirement but is probably done. Obviously, the Gary Glover sweepstakes bear close watching and I'll be sure to have an analysis for you as things develop.

No, really. I'm serious.


Blogger adam20ss said...

Alex Sanchez is out there too. The guy has stolen more than 50 bases in a season, and not so long ago. why does nobody want him?

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