Friday, March 31, 2006

AL Central predictions

AL Central time.

Indians - 95-67
White Sox - 90-72
Twins - 85-77
Tigers - 81-81
Royals - who gives a shit-do they exist

I love the Indians. I love that lineup. I like all their players. I think their one weakness is Ben Broussard doesn't cut it at first. Other than that, I really like their team. I think they've got a strong staff and a decent bullpen. They're my pick at the top.

I like the White Sox too. I just feel like Ozzie Guillen might start to get old, and it's always reasonable to expect a 99 win team to lose a few more times the following year.

The Twins are starting too many borderline players to really get excited about them - Rondell White, Shannon Stewart, Luis Castillo. Eh. Johan Santana can only win so many games, and who knows what kind of impacts Baker and Liriano will have yet. And not to be the strikeout nazi, but Carlos Silva, come on. That worries me. So I think they'll end up about where they were last year. For what it's worth, I feel like they'll be a competitve 85 wins, not the mediocre year all year and a sudden surge to end up with an inflated win total.

The Tigers are my big bold prediction. I'm pretty sure the last time the Tigers .500 Al Kaline was in the lineup. But they don't have a bad collection of players really. Bonderman is due to really break through this year. Ditto Shelton and Granderson. I think Jim Leyland sparks them for this year. Although I think in the very near future he'll burn out again/the team will get sick of him, I think he'll bring them to respectability this year.

Feel cheated that I didn't give you a win-loss projection for the Royals? Then I'm sorry. You must have a terrible life. But I'll help you out. 68 wins. Better now?


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