Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Goose eggs

The Braves won their 3rd straight tonight and have now evened their record at 20-20. I think we should all get ready to welcome Atlanta back into the race. And who got the win tonight for the Braves? Yep, you guessed it: Frank Stallone. Tip of the cap to Norm MacDonald behind us, I'll give you the real answer: Oscar Villareal, now tied for the league lead in wins at 6-0. That is quite the number of wins. That's my insight on that.

Strong pitching performances all over baseball tonight. Johan Santana stayed true to his dominant self but was beaten by Justin Verlander. Moral of the story: if you give up a 2 run homer to Vance Wilson, you don't deserve to win. Verlander, by the way, tossed 8 scoreless innings and didn't strike out a single Twin in the process. Steve Trachsel and Mark Mulder went head to head in St. Louis. And I commend Tony LaRussa for sticking with Mulder to try to get the complete game, even though he ultimately needed Izzy to close things out by striking out David Wright and getting Cliff Floyd on a grounder. Stinking Mets. The immortal Casey Janssen went 8 scoreless innings for the Jays. And Jake Westbrook did go the distance in a shutout against the Royals. Stay tuned for tomorrow, when Estelle Getty will go the distance in a shutout against the Royals.

Catching up is all the rage now. The Padres jumped out to a 10 run lead through the first inning and a half thanks to a 9 run 1st, and had an 11-2 lead going into the bottom of the 6th in Arizona. The D-Backs rallied for 8 that inning to cut the score to 11-10. However, they totally botched the whole thing, giving up three the next inning on the way to a 14-10 loss. If you're gonna waste everybody's time with a rally, do what the Yankees did and win the damn game. Selfish pricks.


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amazing norm macdonald line? Leaving the apt today and shutting off the lights was one of the most depressing moments in my life.

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