Friday, February 17, 2006

My bad

An addition to the list of 12. As I told you, I looked at all rosters and assumed that a player with full season stats was on the opening day roster, and if he didn't have full season stats he wasn't. Well, shame on me for not researching further. Mike Lieberthal played in 50 games for the Phillies in 1996, but this was because he was the backup that year. He was on the opening day roster and started a game the first week of the season. So the list is 13, good job by Mr. Adler checking that further, and I'm a horrible person. My apologies.

Albert Belle is in trouble for stalking his girlfriend with a GPS device. Boy, it isn't like Albert Belle to be crazy. Running people over with a car, barreling into Fernando Vina - class act. Nice to see him back in the news though, it had been too long. And I say kudos to him. I think that's pretty clever, and is far more sophisticated than hiding out in the bushes to stalk somebody.


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