Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Spectacular

I'll admit right off the bat: I have no clue what "Easter Spectacular" is supposed to mean or imply.

So, um, Albert Pujols isn't human, right? Yeah, I didn't think he was, just wanted to double check.

The Phillies beat the Rockies 1-0 at Coors today. You know, people say that Coors is a hitter's park, but this is already the second 1-0 game in the park's history, and it's only 12 years old. And they've had four 2-0 games there. So I'd say it's probably more of a neutral park.

At the very least, Jim Thome will have had as good a year in '06 as he did in '05. This trade could end up being a steal for the Sox.

Today's news reported that LAX air traffic control spotted a pig in the airspace of the flight path of a Delta jet from Boston. By the way, Ty Wigginton is among the league leaders in homers and RBI with 5 and 13, respectively.

Prediction: Chris Shelton will slow down at some point and will NOT hit over 100 homers this season. And Mike Maroth's ERA will rise above 1. But damn. I wouldn't go nuts on predictions for Maroth to have a breakout year just yet. A couple of strong starts can happen to any pitcher at any time; it just looks better when it comes at the start of the season. But he's only 28 and could be in position to put together a good season, even if "breakout" would be an overstatement. Of course, if he gets shelled next time out we're probably done talking about him.


Blogger Danny said...

I believe you have developed a fascination for one Chris Shelton. Maybe he'll let you unwrap his Easter eggs someday. And thus we have explained the title of the post.

2:30 PM  

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