Sunday, February 05, 2006

A little Super Bowl talk, but not much

If I were to launch into baseball right now, you might as well make me the recipient of the 2006 "Man With The Least Ability To Grasp What Is And Isn't Relevant" Award. So I will not just start rambling about the imminence of Josh Fogg's one year deal with the Diamondbacks, as tempting as that is. But at the same time, I'm going to go light on the Super Bowl talk. After watching the game with a guy who easily rattled off the names of the 4th string wide receivers for both teams (of course it's Hertis, for those wondering), I don't feel particularly suited to provide much of a brilliant post-game analysis.

I'll say this: 1. I'm glad we got a good game this year. 2. The Steelers went 3 for 3 in exciting ways to score a TD, for which I'm grateful. 3. Still trying to figure out what the hell Seattle was doing at the end of the game. 4. Shouldn't Bettis have had an honorary homecoming fumble? 5. It took me long enough, but I finally realized that Mike Holmgren played one of the superfans on SNL (Da Seahawks). 6. Not a great set of commercials this year. I loved the MacGyver Mastercard commercial - it doesn't matter that the "... priceless" tagline is an old one, I thought it was a great application. The prehistoric FedEx one was funny. Clever move by ABC to feature real man's men extolling the virtues of Desperate Housewives. And good job by Ameriquest with the "don't judge too quickly" thing. Otherwise, the Diet Pepsi spots with Jay Mohr were idiotic, the 324 Bud Light commercials were generic (and I'm not going to drink Bud Light anyway), every single car commercial pissed me off, and that stupid ad for giving girls self esteem - WTF - this is the Super Bowl, not the National Baking Competition.

Ok then. Not much to do with baseball anyway. I did want to mention that the Giants once again play in a renamed ballpark. Who caught this? SBC Park, formerly Pac Bell Park, will now be known as AT&T Park. It happens to be that AT&T is a more recognizable name than SBC, but don't you think it's gotten ridiculous when a ballpark that has existed for six years has already gone through three names? Some people change their facebook profiles less often. I think I'm just going to be obstinate and not go along with these name changes. No AT&T Park for me. And I'm not going with Pac Bell either. As far as I'm concerned, the Giants play in Seals Stadium. That'll show 'em, corporate bastards.

I'll give this to the Giants, though. The entire stadium will be equipped with WiFi access. Good for them for blazing the trail on this. I'm sure it won't be long before all parks are similarly outfitted, which is a good thing. Then again, there's something I like about being in the dark at the stadium. Maybe I'm crazy, but part of the ballpark experience is turning to your buddy and asking if he remembers who the third base ump is that game, or who the starting pitchers are in one of the out of town games, or how many outs there are in an inning. These kinds of things are lost if you can just look it up online while you're sitting there. Oh well. Such is progress.


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As far as I'm concerned the Giants still play at the Polo Grounds

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