Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Two quick thoughts

Sorry, I don't have a lot of time for this entry. Thanks to many other forms of procrastination, my progress on my journal article hasn't quite been up to where it should have been. A couple of quick thoughts:

Here's a quote from a major leaguer regarding the WBC: "I actually like our team. I feel very confident in the approach we're taking with the players we have. We are a fairly young team, and a lot of teams really don't know about a lot of our players. I think we can sneak in there." Who said this, you ask? Jason Bay, talking about Canada? A comment from China's manager Jim Lefebvre? Nonsense. That's Johnny Damon talking. Damon, for those who don't know, will be playing for the United States team. Yes, a team that has all stars at every position, and all stars as backups at every position, is a young team that might just "sneak in there." That's like Christina Aguilera going on American Idol and portraying herself as the feel good underdog.

Frank Thomas signs with the A's for a guaranteed $500,000. The deal could go up to over $2 mil, but only if Thomas is playing every day. A pretty easy no brainer for the A's. Not a lot of risk. I don't know if there's a lot of potential reward anymore with The Big Hurt, but $500,000 is a decent gamble. Even at half his former abilities he's better than Erubiel Durazo. Man, Durazo, what a sham. He got like a 3 year free ride in roto before everybody realized, "Hey, wait a sec. This guy's injured all the time and doesn't even hit that many homers anyway. Why, he isn't helping my team at all. Who let him in here?"

Ok, that Christina Aguilera thing up there? Did we like that? I can't decide if it's chuckle worthy or one of those hacky, obvious kind of jokes a very terrible warmup comic makes at a comedy club that isn't all that good. Hmmmm.


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