Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quick thoughts

Did anybody catch that new Fox show Skating with Celebrities? I didn't, but am I the only one who finds it a little strange to bill Bruce Jenner as one of the uncoordinated celebs? I mean, sure, the guy isn't an ice skater, but didn't he win a gold medal in the decathalon? That requires some athletic ability I believe. Maybe his horrifying plastic surgery is so constricting that he's considered handicapped now, that could be it. Have you seen what he looks like? Yikes. Like the tan woman from There's Something About Mary combined with a jack o latern. Truly horrible.

Check this quote in an article about Rocco Baldelli on "Maddon said right-hander Edwin Jackson, one of two prospects obtained from the Los Angeles Dodgers for All-Star closer Danys Baez and reliever Lance Carter, could wind up in the starting rotation. 'He might be one of the guys that's coming in that may surprise as we get deeper into this thing,' Maddon said." That's right, Joe Maddon, set the stage. Set the stage for my disappointment. You're doing it very well. Anyway, the article says that Baldelli could be ready for opening day. The Devil Rays pitching is still dreadful and is going to keep them from doing much in '06, but if things break their way they could have one hell of a lineup. We'll look at it more during spring training.

Hey, did anybody notice yesterday that the Nationals gave Brian Schneider a 4 year, $16 mil contract? This is like on 90210 when they threw that huge party in the Walshes house without regard to the consequencs because it was being sold, before Nat gave them the lecture about treating their house with greater respect. Same thing - MLB figures this team won't be their problem for much longer, so why not authorize something insane. 4 years and $4 mil per for a mediocre catcher in a year that Bengie Molina is still out of work and the catching market seems to have taken a downturn? Sounds reasonable to me. I thought Jim Bowden was nuts for last winter's Christian Guzman signing, but this one competes pretty well. That team is in a strange place. It seems like half their players rotate in and out of Frank Robinson's doghouse, they acquired a player to play a position he refuses to go to, they need a mediator to get their stadium built, and they have the ugliest uniforms I've ever seen.

Ok, drinking beckons. For the record, do you know how many times I've been ready to go to a bar but first make sure to post something before coming back a little less coherent than you all deserve? Ok, not that many - but it's happened a few times. You can thank me later.


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