Saturday, January 21, 2006

Omar Minaya Stinks

Oh dear, I've already revealed a bias with the title. That is terrible. Well, I certainly hope you'll continue reading. Act surprised when I get to the analysis of tonight's trade. Ok:

So it seems that Saturday night is going to be the night that we get a reprieve from birthday talk and have actual trades to discuss. The Mets have traded Kris Benson to the Orioles for Jorge Julio and John Maine. Benson for Julio was rumored during the winter meetings, but Minaya was told that the Mets could get more for Benson than Julio. So Minaya showed them all, he held out, negotiated, and lo and behold - John Maine is also a New York Met! Good job Minaya, I'd have been very displeased if it had been Benson for Julio straight up. This is verrrrrry better.

Anyway, the Mets' stated mission was to acquire additional bullpen help. So strictly speaking, by trading a starter for a reliever, they've done that. Less strictly speaking, because Jorge Julio's ERA has gone up each year to a lovely 5.90 in '05, they probably haven't really done that. Julio is nice to have in the mix, but clearly he can't be considered a solid acquisition. Maybe he'll help, maybe he'll rebound and be a useful addition. But who knows. It seems crazy that all Minaya could get for a pitcher like Benson is a guy who's only shown signs of extreme regression. No, Benson isn't an ace, and he's making $14 mil over the next two years. But Jorge Julio and John Maine? Seems that once again, Minaya failed to maximize value. I can't even think of an explanation. Except...Ok, call me crazy...But has anybody else noticed Omar Minaya's tendency to acquire Latino players? Nah, forget it. That's just silly.

As of now, Aaron Heilman goes into the Mets' rotation. There are thoughts that maybe the Mets are still involved in Barry Zito talks. That would make things better. But I'm done with this wait and see business for Minaya's moves. I said that after the Cameron-Nady trade. No more. So far, as Etan Bednarsh (a great man and a great Mets fan) said, it's like being patient for how things will turn out with a girl you're getting close with, only to get to finally hook up with her and find she has a penis. That's right, Jorge Julio - you're the girl with the penis. So Omar, make me happy, get Barry Zito. But I'm not banking on that right now. Your benefit of the doubt has expired.

As for the Orioles, it's a good trade for them because Benson is worth more than what they gave up. But it's a bad trade in that they are touting Benson as their possible ace. Kris Benson isn't an ace. If that's what you think you're getting, prepared to be sorely disappointed. I've maintained and still do maintain that the O's won't be much to talk about in 2006. If they can compliment Benson with a true front end pitcher then he does more for them. In the meantime, it's a good trade that I don't see making a huge difference.

Sorry if this post was a little Mets slanted. But I'm not super thrilled right now, and I should be granted the occassional indulgence. It's my own damn blog, I should really be granted whatever I want. No, that's not the answer. Without you, my three readers, I'd have nothing. NOTHING!! So thanks for reading. And Omar, if you're reading, and I know you are - try to make better trades in the future, if you don't mind. Thank you very much.


Blogger - Mark C. said...

I feel it was a good trade for the Mets. The Mets really only have one championship caliber starting pitcher in Pedro "The Master" Martinez. After that, it's mediocrity. So what's wrong with dealing away a mediocre pitcher for a pretty good relief pitcher, especially when the departed pitcher was overpaid? Surely, Julio at worst, adds depth to an improved bullpen. Something the Mets sorely lacked last year.

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Ander said...

Terrible trade for the Mets. It weakens the bullpen in two ways, as Heilman is not in it as of now, and Julio of the 5.90 ERA is. Seriously, I really do have the wonder about Omar Minaya, I can only think of one reason why he would want Jorge Julio.
Benson wasn't anything special, but for what he is, he's one of the mroe reasonably priced pitchers I think. Just as Cameron was very reasonably priced for a player of his caliber. And we trade the two of them away for garbage.
My great fear is that Omar signs Jeff Weaver to a much larger cotnract than Benson had.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

hey, I didn't realize etan bednarsh reads this blog. Hey etan!

2:19 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

Eric, after this offseason, we should look at each of Omar's moves. I bet that every one has the same underlying problems: It addressed an issue, but probably not as well as he could have, and probably without maximizing the value.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Omar said...

I had to get another hispanic player. Sorry Mets fans

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Jonathan P said...

The Muts still have Wagner as the only lefty in the pen. This wouldn't matter, except that NOBODY ELSE on the roster has been capable of getting left-handed batters out. Heck, half of em (like Julio) suck vs. righties too. I could understand trading Benson if Minaya got something good for him; unless Peterson works magic with Julio and Maine, this was a total waste.

3:04 PM  

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