Friday, January 20, 2006


Ben Grieve signed a minor league deal with the White Sox yesterday. His post rookie of the year career of excellence continues! In honor of Grieve, I'd like to take a look at some of the all time least successful rookies of the year. Not much time now, but a quick question: Was Grieve the worst ROTY of the 1990s? And a quick answer, because I think shabbos started an hour ago: No, definitely not. Grieve had a solid rookie campaign followed by two more solid seasons. It was then that he fell into the land of horrible suckiness. So he's not the worst. I'm going to give that honor to 1992 AL ROTY Pat Listach. He won in 1992 as a leadoff hitter on the strength of 52 steals. He scored 92 runs, had a .354 OBP, and could have been setting up a career as a decent player. Nope. Just look at the rest of his stats, you'll see. Nothing, not even another year of full time duty, and retired by 29. Honorable mention to Bob Hamelin, but I'm giving this to Listach.

We'll continue this tomorrow, unless we're treated to some actual news.


Blogger If I Ran The World said...

listach had injury issues, perhaps thenod shuld go to hamelin who just sucked of his own accord.

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