Friday, January 13, 2006

Desperate for anything to say, and it shows

I really have nothing to say today. I won't subject you to any more hall of fame talk. You guys were very good troopers through that ordeal, and I'm very proud of you. So what am I to do?

Well, first, I want to mention Dr. James Andrews. For those who didn't hear, as the story slipped under the radar (good work Ander), he had a heart attack the other day. He's ok, and was actually able to see Jeff Bagwell from his hospital bed. I feel bad for Dr. Andrews. How would you like it if you became a very successful doctor, recognized as a leader in your field, but the mention of your name in a newspaper always elicited the universal reaction of "FUCK, he's going to Birmingham to see Andrews. SHIT, season's over." Plus, he lives in Birmingham. That can't be pleasant. So I salute Dr. Andrews and wish him a full recovery, along with the hope that I never have to read his name in an article about the Mets ever again.

Let's take a look at who was born on January 13th. That's right, I'm stooping to that. Jose Capellan, Elmer Dessens, and Akinori Otsuka were all born today. 1989 MVP Kevin Mitchell was born on this date in 1962. You know he was traded in a 7 player deal that also included Kevin McReynolds, Kevin Armstrong, and Kevin Brown (not that Kevin Brown). That always struck me as odd. Apparently there was a ballplayer in the 70s named Mike Tyson. He was an IF for the Cardinals and Cubs, and not an especially good one. I don't believe he is the same Mike Tyson who was heavyweight champion in boxing, but we'll get Elias on that just to make sure. There was a guy named Goat Anderson who was born in 1880 and played with the Pirates in 1907. Gotta love the names the ballplayers had back then. Everybody had a stupid nickname. You don't get that today, but it would be cool if we called our players Mark "Hog Anus" Prior or something, that would spice things up.

I'm sorry, this was a terrible waste of your time. Please give me another chance tomorrow.


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