Friday, December 30, 2005


Ok, I know it's kind of slow in baseball right now. But would somebody please ask the people at to stop with their daily article on why player x belongs in the Hall of Fame? They've gone through Sutter, Gossage, Blyleven, Rice, and today is Dawson. I feel like I'm being assaulted by campaign ads:

"Dale Murphy says he cares about your hall of fame vote. Dale Murphy says he cares about you, the fans. But what Dale Murphy doesn't want to tell you is that he stopped being good when he was 31 years old. Does this sound like a man we want representing us in the hall of fame? Andre Dawson was an effective player into his late 30s, rewarding his fans with thrills years after Dale Murphy quit on the job. Dale Murphy is a quitter. Andre Dawson isn't. Vote Andre Dawson for Hall of Famer."

"Andre Dawson says that he belongs in the hall of fame. But do you know that his nickname during his playing days was "The Hawk?" Does that sound like somebody who can be trusted with your hall of fame vote? Hawks prey on and devour innocent creatures, which is precisely what Andre Dawson wants to do you and your loved ones. Jim Rice has a nice, pleasant name. Everybody likes rice. It's a valuable grain and is good for you. Andre Dawson is basically a murderer; Jim Rice is a source of sustainance. Vote Jim Rice for hall of famer."

If ESPN runs an article in support of Gregg Jeffries tomorrow, I'm boycotting the website.


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