Thursday, December 29, 2005

Not exactly your A-listers today

According to the Arizona Republic, the Diamondbacks are going to sign Eric Byrnes to a one year deal. He'll hold down the fort in CF until Chris Young is ready later this year or in 2007. As I said a few days ago, I don't expect the D-Backs to be all that good this year, so this move is what it is. They also don't have such a great lineup that necessarily makes you assume Byrnes will be a great bounceback candidate in '06, but he's bound to improve. That's what happens when you have a horrible year, you're likely to look good by comparison the year after.

This is unimportant. No, the real story is that the Diamondbacks now have a GM and a player with the same last name. That last name is Byrnes, to clarify the matter for any incredibly stupid people reading this. Obviously, this struck me as interesting, and was curious if the situation is the same with any other team. I couldn't think of any such team off the top of my head, but when you're sitting around in your pajamas at 3 pm, no reason not to do a thorough search. The results.... get ready....drumroll...ok, this is getting stupid, I'll just tell you. The Twins have the same deal. Terry Ryan is the GM, and they have Michael Ryan, a crappy utility OF who got 117 ABs for them in '05. I know many things off the top of my head, but I'm not embarassed to admit that the existence of Michael Ryan wasn't one of them.

And you guys thought there wouldn't be something to say every day.

In other news, the Marlins are obviously done rebuilding and are back to signing marquee players, bringning in Joe Borowski and Pokey Reese. Remember when I said Joe Borowski would help some team out there? Well unless the Marlins are allowed to compete in the International League playoffs, I guess that ain't gonna happen. Pokey Reese missed all of '05 due to injury. This meant that his OBP was zero, only .003 lower than his career mark. (If anybody out there is thinking, "wait, it wasn't ZERO, it was just incalculable," then I thank you for taking time out of your busy dungeons and dragons schedule to read this blog.) Anyway, Pokey Reese gives Neifi Perez a run for his money for the Rey Ordonez Shittiest Hitting Shortstop Award, and I think he might even win. Remember when the Reds wouldn't trade him for anybody, including Griffey? Gold glove defense is nice, but you know what else is nicer? An OPS that comfortably cracks .600

Did I just write a blog about Eric Byrnes, Michael Ryan, Terry Ryan, Joe Borowski, and Pokey Reese? Either I'm very good, very pathetic, or both. Ok, I know nobody is voting for very good, so let the heavy campaigning for "both" begin!


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I miss Rey Rey

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