Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Glaus to the Jays

Yeah, I may just stop altogether trying to come up with a clever title. It's hard enough as it is writing this crap in the blog itself, so you can't really expect more than that.

The Blue Jays-Diamondbacks trade is now official, with Troy Glaus and minor leaguer Sergio Santos traded to the Blue Jays for Miguel Batista and Orlando Hudson. Glaus adds to the Blue Jays group of corner infielders, which includes Lyle Overbay, Corey Koskie, Shea Hillenbrand, Eric Hinske, John Olerud, Ed Sprague, Kelly Gruber, and Willie Upshaw.

Glaus excluded, could you imagine a team assembling as similar a cast of characters as the Blue Jays have done? It's like they lost Carlos Delgado and said, "Well, Delgado was good for 35 homers a year, so if we get four corner guys who are good for 15 each, then golly, we're gonna be nearly twice as powerful!" The reactions I have to these players runs the whole gamut from "eh" to "uh huh." When the Jays got Overbay I wondered aloud just what the hell he gave them that the other fourteen underpowered corner men didn't. I still wonder that. But I like the Glaus addition. Only Vernon Wells had legit 30 homer power on this team, and that doesn't cut it. Glaus makes this lineup better.

The Jays didn't even give up all that much, in my view. Batista had no place left on this team and was thoroughly expendable. Hudson is a gold glover and not a terrible hitter, but should be ably replaced by Aaron Hill. Hill started red hot and then turned ice cold; if he can even out a bit then the Jays should be fine with him in the lineup, and he also played good defense in his games at 2nd last year. My biggest worry if I'm a Jays fan is the Glaus injury risk that always looms, and whether the money Glaus (who isn't a great player) is owed will prevent the Blue Jays from making moves a year from now. My second biggest worry if I'm a Jays fan is whether the money Burnett (who isn't a great player) is owed will prevent the Blue Jays from making moves a year from now. My third biggest worry if I'm a Jays fan is whether the money Ryan (who isn't a great player) is owed will prevent the Blue Jays from making moves a year from now. Good thing I'm a Mets fan - I don't have to worry about any spending. Tike Redman? I like the name Tike, give him $7 mil this year!

J.P. Ricciardi claims the Jays don't have to make another deal. He's either playing coy or he's taken a great quantity of drugs. If Glaus is healthy, where the hell are you getting ABs for Hinske, Hillenbrand, AND Koskie? My guess is Hillenbrand is gonna be traded. Hinske strikes me as totally unmarketable, what with the being terrible and all. I knew last year they'd get sick of Koskie at some point, he's not nearly as good as they were pretending he was when they signed him. But he's Canadian, and they seem to like that, so I think he'll stay too. Hillenbrand can play both corners and would strike me as being most able to bring something back in a deal. They might go to spring training with all these guys, but I can't imagine they'll all be with the team on April 4th.

I think this is a decent move for the D-Backs. With that pitching they're gonna be mediocre at best this year. I don't care how bad the NL West was this past year, the Padres and Dodgers are still better. The Giants are better too if we wake up tomorrow and it's 2001. So if the D-Backs won't do much in 2006, why not unload Glaus' contract and get ready to reinvest it more wisely in 2007? They wanted to move Chad Tracy back to 3B, and he's looking like he could be a pretty good player. So they have the in-house replacement for Glaus. With Conor Jackson, Stephen Drew, and Chris Young approaching the majors (Jackson slated as the starter at 1B this year), the D-Backs could have a strong nucleus by 2007, provided they effectively spend the money saved by trading Glaus. That's no given, but since Josh Byrnes wasn't in charge when the D-Backs signed Russ Ortiz to one of the worst free agent contracts of the past five years, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.


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Batista was on my fantasy team and he helped me get 3rd place so I think the Blue Jayes are losing a lot by trading him. And Ryan is muy stinky.

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