Friday, December 23, 2005

Out of Right Field

Quick thoughts today, as I turn into a pumpkin on Friday at sundown.

Those free spending Royals are at it again, signing Reggie Sanders to a 2 year, $10 mil deal. Sanders, having played for every team in the National League, including a brief stint with the Cleveland Spiders (Jesse remembers them well), decided it was time to move on to the AL. Sanders is a talented player whose power/speed combo is always welcome on a club. But call me crazy, I don't think his ability to be on a team just as they're making the WS is going to extend to KC this year.

The Cardinals reacted to Sanders' loss by signing Juan Encarnacion to a 3 year, $15 mil deal. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has been kind enough to give us a sneak peek of their sports page from July 31, 2007: "Cards desperate to unload Encarnacion and his contract as deadline looms." His power is pathetic for a corner OF, he seems to have stopped running, he doesn't walk much. Eh. The Cards have a strong lineup and didn't necessarily need Manny out there, but I think this is a very generous contract.

The Padres signed Mark Bellhorn to a one year deal and I think...yeah, right, like I'm gonna sit here 10 minutes before shabbat to give my thoughts about Mark Bellhorn. I'm pretty sure I don't even have any thoughts about Mark Bellhorn.


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