Sunday, December 25, 2005

Just call me Ripken

As some of you know, I got engaged tonight. So you might be surprised to see an entry for today. If you are, shame on you. This is a DAILY blog. Not every day that it's convenient, not every day that I feel like it, not every day that I don't get engaged. DAILY! This is a commitment I made to you, the readers. Without our word, all is lost. I hear you: "Hey, shmuckface, there is nothing more pathetic than getting engaged and then making sure above all else that you write an entry in your stupid little journal there." All I can say is if you think that, well then you just not down with the program, and I'm sorry for you.

(Disclaimer, lest anybody think I really am crazy. It's been a long and exciting night, I'm very happy. But my fiance has to be up early tomorrow and I would have taken leave of her anyway. Now that I'm home, no reason not to write a thought or two. It's not like I shoved a ring in her face and said, "Sorry tutz, gotta go write a reaction to the Endy Chavez signing, or the world will collapse.")

With that said, I don't actually have all that much to say anyway. Not a ton of transactions on Christmas Eve. I want to mention football first. How weird is it that all the games (basically) were played on Saturday this week?
I knew that Paul Tagliabue was a powerful man, but I didn't know that he could actually move Sunday to Saturday. This really threw me off. I saw football on the schedule for today and figured I must have already done the sabbath thing for the week. Now evidently I'm fated for eternal damnation. But at least I got to watch the Detroit - New Orleans game, so it was all worth it.

You know what this is like? It's like in college when they would sometimes make the last Wednesday of the semester a Thursday schedule. Those days always confused me. I think it was to compensate for Thanksgiving or something, but nobody could ever give you a straight answer. It was kind of cool though that you'd be sitting in your "Thursday" morning class, thinking "man, I'm not in the mood for a dairy day in the caf today," and then you show up and, behold, meat day! I should mention that if you don't keep kosher or didn't attend a college with the classic Mon/Wed meat Tues/Thurs dairy schedule, you don't know what I'm talking about. Well...screw you.

The Giants lost to the Redskins, which is not good for me. I'm having an engagement party next Sat. night, and the Giants game is now more important with this week's loss. So now I'm that guy who has that thing scheduled in the middle of a sports game you want to watch. I never wanted to be that guy. My cousin had his bar mitzvah in the middle of Super Bowl XXV, and I refused to forgive him until he agreed last year to suit up and recreate Scott Norwood's missed field goal.

I'm sure ABC is thrilled with their choice of Monday night game again. Is it me, or is it a karmic law that at least half the Monday night games after mid-November end up being the worst possible matchups? I'd like to watch the Jets though, since I haven't gotten to see too many in Philly. It's actually exciting for me, 3-583 season aside.

I feel compelled to do a little baseball, but there just isn't much I'm in the mood to discuss, and I don't want to use up one of my backup topics. The Blue Jays are rumored to be close to getting Troy Glaus and a prospect for Orlando Hudson and Miguel Batista. I'd imagine this won't get done until after Christmas. I'll save my thoughts for when/if it goes down.


Blogger Adam said...

I refuse to wish the idiot mazel tov until after this word verification is gone.

1:07 PM  
Blogger The Fades said...

one thing that i gained from reading this entry is that you refer to your fiance as "tutz". Now then! I will start using that term as well.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous kraut said...

i think i would spell it "toots," as in "toosie roll." but i see where you're coming from. Mazel tov, by the way!

8:03 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

Here's why the Damon signing really bugs me. It takes away from that which we as fans want to see - we want to see our players feeling the same emotional investment as we have. And when a player like damon, who literally defined what the "idiots" were all about, now just has to get a haircut and shave and all of a sudden he's the yankees personified, it chafes away at that illusion that we want to have.

11:03 PM  

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