Sunday, December 18, 2005

This, that,...and the other

Can somebody tell me why the hell the president is preempting Family Guy? He couldn't have preempted Michael Rappaport's idiotic show that comes on at 8:30? This is crap. And if you're gonna interrupt Family Guy, please don't come on and spew the same things we've heard for the past three years. Oh, really - so the terrorists hate freedom? They want to destroy our way of life, do they? Interesting, I haven't heard that one yet.

Anyway, I had a final today. Law students - have you ever sat in a final where you're trying to get your bearings, get comfortable with the fact pattern, spot the issues, and then, four minutes into the test, you hear somebody already furiously pounding it out on their keyboard? It's times like that when I think to myself "Ok G-d, listen. I know that I haven't done much in my life, so You don't owe me anything. But if You want to help me out, please, just kill that person for me. Thanks a bunch."

So, no undefeated season for Indy. Colts lose today, off day for Manning. To practically quote Shannon Sharpe's ever so eloquent remarks on the postgame show, the Chargers stopped the run and made him one dimensional, which, by stopping the run, made him one dimensional, whereby he was one dimensional, because he was forced to pass, as they were unable to run the ball, therefore causing a situation in which Manning became one dimensional. Yeah, Shannon Sharpe was, and still is, a fucking idiot. I'm glad that we get treated to his words of wisdom long after his retirement. I had a feeling the Colts weren't going to go undefeated. See, apparently, no team has gone undefeated since the '72 Dolphins - you could be forgiven if you didn't know that, because that nugget of information hasn't been stated 348 times an hour in the past week alone. Anyway, 1972 was a long time ago, and I therefore concluded that it is very difficult to go undefeated. Rightly or not, I subscribe to the lose one in the regular season theory, get it out of your system, etc. Now they can rest without being accused of pooping on their chance at history. They can save the pooping for when they find a way to lose to New England in the playoffs.

Jets gained a game on Houston today, because Houston forgot to lose for some reason. Texans, you gotta bring your A game here.

This is a baseball blog, isn't it? Sorry, just wanted to give my enormous readership a change of pace for a few moments. On to the baseball thought: NOMAAAAAAAH!!!!! To the Dodgaaahhs!!! I would have commended any team for signing him. The financial specifics haven't been made public, but it's up to $8 mil if he meets certain incentives, which means the base salary is lower. Considering that he missed a lot of time in 2005 to a freak accident, I think there's a good chance he can come back and at least be a productive player again, if not a star. He's gonna play first for the Dodgers, which raises the question of what they'll do when Izturis returns in July. I don't think Nomar would still be willing to play the OF in the middle of the season. Perhaps a trade at that point? I wouldn't be surprised if Jeff Kent is wearing a different uniform on August 1st. Maybe a nurse's uniform, I heard he's into stuff like that. I'm still not sure just how good the Dodgers will be, though. I've said my piece about Bill Mueller, JD Drew gets injured when he blinks, and even if they do sign him, Kenny Lofton isn't exactly a safe bet (unless this is 1996...let's see...wait, no...just's not 1996). Oh, and Dodgers - the statute of limitations is just about up on Edwin Jackson's future. I'll draft him one last time as one of my roto sleepers, but this is this final year, I won't do it for a fifth time.

Ok kiddies, behave yourselves until daddy gets back. (That was kind of creepy wasn't it, I'm not gonna sign off like that anymore.)


Blogger adam20ss said...

Nomar has S-T-E-R-O-I-D-S written all over him. I wouldn't want him on my team. And $8 million is a joke. They obviously had money to burn this season and were willing to overpay him as long as they weren't committed long-term.

And can you PLEASE get rid of that damn word verification thing?

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I just read all your blogs in the span of 6 minutes, and my head is about to explode from all yo' knowledge. i had to read it quickly in case I expired before I finished. I laughed out loud three or four times (Tavarez is Washington Heights is the best), and enjoy reading it. I have 3 scouting comments, though:

1) Dont make everything so Met-centric. Darren Oliver should never EVER be his own blog topic.

2) drop a few f-bombs every once in a while. they get the fans' attention.

3) I want a guest appearance from Dan, and I want it pronto.

4) I know I said 3, but I really cant help myself. keep up the good work - and please get engaged soon, so you can have a life, and by extension, no need for a blog...

love you too...

2:46 PM  

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