Friday, February 10, 2006

Quick thoughts

Rickey Henderson is going to be in camp with the Mets to teach baserunning. I'm picturing him instructing Reyes now: "Ok, when you steal a base, what you want to do is pick the base up out of the ground and shout that you are the greatest. That cool, Julio?" "My name's Jose." When I was younger I thought Rickey was from some other country because he sounded that incoherent during interviews.

Alfonso Soriano lost his arbitration case and will only receive $10 mil, instead of his requested $12 mil, in 2006. That's a shame.

The Marlins have met with officials from Norfolk about possibly moving the team there. This sounds interesting, but is anybody else skeptical about Norfolk's ability to sustain two minor league teams?

The Winter Olympics begin tonight, with the opening ceremonies. Actually, they've already begun but won't be aired until tonight. You know what's weird about the winter games? The biathlon. Skiing and shooting? Why don't they combine swimming and strangling a guy? Hey, lesser EB - I made that joke up myself. Nope, didn't steal it from Jerry Seinfeld, not at all. I'll take the credit.


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You can't spell beer without EB. And you can't spell verrrrrrrrrrry beer without rrrrrrrrrrr.

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