Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Meet me in the Heights

Ok friends, welcome back for day two. Yes, I'm going to open up each blog like that. Because that will never grow tiresome. "Welcome back for day fifty five everybody, ready to punch me in the face yet?" Enough of that, to the baseball!

Actually, before the baseball - I went to the Dave Matthews concert at the Wachovia Center last night. Great show, love Dave. On the way out some people were doing the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES chant. I'm sorry, are you insane? What specifically are you proud of, the loss at home to the Giants on Sunday, the mauling at the hands of the Seahawks last week, or the overall sucky season? The people in this city think everything is an occasion to chant for the Eagles. This is because Philadelphia is a terrible city. "Hey guys, you know what would make this funeral better? 'Dats right, E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!" I actually started to cheer "Go Big Blue" back last night, but then decided that living would be an option more preferable to sticking it to Eagles fans at a Dave Matthews concert. Ok, now really on to the baseball.

Julian Tavarez is being courted by the Yankees and Mets, among other teams. He, just like the previously mentioned Milton Bradley, is one of those "let's hope he stays healthy and doesn't try to run over anybody with a truck" players. Always good to have one of those. Seriously, I do think he could help either the Mets or the Yankees, and while a four year deal is a bit nuts (thank you Scott Boras), I do hope the Mets remain in the bidding for his services. However, what is most interesting right now is this line in today's Daily News:
"Tavarez had lunch with Yankees GM Brian Cashman on Monday in Washington Heights."
I'm sorry?? And just where did they dine - Time Out Pizza? I mean, Billy Wagner got a DVD in advance touting the merits of NYC, a grand tour of the city, the Glavine Family as his personal guide, and a nice dinner at one of Manhattan's top restaurants. Sure, Tavarez is no Billy Wagner, but he's still a professional baseball player. Didn't he deserve more than a can of beans from some bodega on 184th St? I'm picturing tomorrow's article: "As part of the recruiting effort, the Yankees had Luis the groundskeeper show Tavarez the highlights of New York, including the Fresh Kills Landfill and Rikers Island, as well as various housing options in the South Bronx and East New York."
(Note: Mr. Sinensky's own version of this punchline: "Did they eat at the YU caf? I can just picture Brian Cashman going up to random YU guys asking to borrow their cards.")

We also have this nugget from Bob Klapisch in today's Bergen Record:
"the Mets hoped to trade RHP Kris Benson to the Rangers for OF Laynce Nix and RHP Juan Dominguez, and then package the two with OF Carlos Beltran in a deal for Boston OF Manny Ramirez…" I'm sorry, what??? I understand that Beltran had some adjustment problems, but don't you think he's gonna be over that in 2006? And isn't possible Manny would have his own adjustment period? Manny is the better pure hitter, but Beltran runs , is better defensively, and had a little thing we call a monster 2004 playoffs that showed he can handle pressure. And he's a good citizen. I honestly wouldn't trade them straight up for each other, let alone throw in a guy like Benson who could be traded in more useful deals. Man, does Omar have a thing for Manny or what?
In fact, you can just picture it. Fast forward about 20 years from now. Minaya has long since been fired by the Mets when he suggested that Billy Berroa and Juan Alicea become the primary broadcasters on WFAN. And there's Omar, on the steps of the New York Public Library, homeless, crying to himself, "Manny Ramirez...Manny Ramirez...Manny Ramirez," with a copy of Tropic of Cancer by his feet. No?

Also, ESPN ran a sportsnation poll comparing the Mets to the Yankees. The first question was this: "1) Do you think the Mets can ever surpass the Yankees as New York ''favorite'' team?" I can't even tell you how much this pisses me off. I'm sure all my fellow Mets fans will agree on this. Only idiots who haven't been within 100 miles of NY in their entire lives think the Mets are somehow second in the city to the Yankees. I'm being objective here - I'm not saying the Mets are more popular, merely that among all real, serious baseball fans in NY, the Mets are as popular as the Yankees. I think any Yankee fan if he's being honest will agree with this. The Yankees have been better so they get the bandwagon fans, just like the Mets had in the late 80s. But the Mets don't have to worry about surpassing the Yankees as they "favorite" team, because they've been co-favorites since 1962. (I'm like a watchdog for Yankee media bias. Buster Olney once wrote something I didn't like back in the Times in 1998 and I still haven't fully warmed up to him. So move over HonestReporting, I'm on the case.)

Trades and such: I love that Ken Williams has been active in changing the White Sox this winter. Both moves have their question marks, but you can't just be complacent after winning the WS. So good for them. El Duque is no loss, but this prospect sounds like he could be special. Then again, it wasn't long ago that Vazquez seemed poised to really break through and be one of the best pitchers in this game, so he may still do it. I like the move for both sides. My only question is who is supplying Javier Vazquez with maps? Does he have some scoop that Puerto Rico is going to be moved to Gary, Indiana? Because I don't see how Chicago is this big geographic upgrade for him. Ah well, that's for him to worry about in his own blog.

Bill Mueller - no, I don't think I'm going to write at length about Bill Mueller. I will say this. A righty with those offensive numbers in Fenway Park now moving to Chavez Ravine? Yeah, keep him the hell away from me. I guess I mean my roto teams, I don't actually have any problem with Bill Mueller personally. (My apologies to Jae for insulting his team and making him read the same joke twice)

Ok, that's it. Hope you guys will keep checking back, and tell your friends if you like the blog. Don't forget - - The Fades is an old pro at this.


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Bill Mueller is awesome. He will hit 325 25 homers and drive in 125 runs with Furcal running wild. Or he will get hurt and play 50 games while the Dodgers loes 95 games.

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